You can become a part of this historic venture...

...that will enable humans to permanently settle the vast frontier of the undersea dominion we call Aquatica.  Everyone who is a member of our team is also a member of the League of the New Worlds – which we mostly refer to as “the League”.  The League is a non-profit research corporation organized under the laws of the state of Florida and the United States Internal Revenue Service.    The League has a purpose – to develop the technologies and then use them to establish the first permanent human undersea colony.

But how do you actually benefit from becoming a member of the League?

Just about as much as your imagination allows!  It has been the sad legacy of “advocacy groups” to take membership fees then disappear.  Oh, they spend all the money they collect, of this you can be certain.  Yet, unfortunately, there has rarely been a connection between payment of the annual dues, the members and the organization who collected them.  That is why the League is absolutely not an advocacy group!  We do not have anything to advocate.  We do not spend membership dues on political wrangling and we have no Beltway connections at all.  We do not need any of that.

But what if some folks just wish to contribute and not actually become a member of the League?

We certianly respect that!  We have a mechanism in place to help you help us!  Any monetary contributions or real property contributed to the League is fully tax deductible, of course, as we are an IRS certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

If you wish to help out financially, please click here.
If you wich to contribute real property such as boats, autos, tools, diving equipment, computers, buildings or land - we have a mechanism in place to direct it all toward our project.  If that is the case, please send us an email by clicking here.

The League is a research and engineering group.

We build and launch our dreams ourselves – we have no need to advocate that someone else go and do what we are already doing.

That means that none of your annual dues are wasted...

...on hiring and placing political influence peddlers, keeping a staffed office with all the administrative overhead that a “big organization” requires.  We are a team of engineers and scientists.  Our office is a one man affair that only has a part time body actually sitting in a chair – and the only reason he is there is to communicate directly with you!  Our people are all working in our shops building and designing.  After your dues are utilized to maintain your records and to communicate with you (that comes to $5.00 per member per year), then we spend the rest of the money on building and launching the equipment that will enable the establishment of the first undersea colony in 2012!

Shown here are the League Undersea Habitats and Space Analog Stations "Leviathan" and "New Worlds Explorer"
League membership dues help pay for designing and building these habitats.

Therefore – what is it that your dues are used for?  Building a new world!

Our “organization” has a dual focus – and one of them is you.

Our first focus, as we have already stated here is actually building, launching and settling the vast new frontiers.  But the second focus is you!  And there is a very good reason for that:  without you, we could not take the next step which is settling and populating the new frontier.

The League is actually “looking (for more than) a few good men and women”!

Not in several lifetimes has this challenge actually been communicated among the peoples of the earth:  we are seeking qualified colonists to live permanently in the new frontier of Aquatica.  And we are likewise seeking qualified professionals, teachers and interested students who are not ready to commit to a permanent position in our colonies to help us get there.

When you join the League, you become a part of a magnificent undertaking that has few boundaries.

It is not at all our task to advocate that the government of huge corporations spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to go fulfill their dreams while they watch.  It is our job instead to look for the people who will actually do it (that would be you) and then organize them all into a formidable team that will make it all happen.  We wait on no one.  We are doing it.  This is your formal invitation to join us.

And once you do join the League, here are your benefits:

1.  You become a member of an organization that is fully invested in a series of events that will not only make history in the next few years, but an activity that will define history from then on!  You will become one of those rare and few individuals who will be a part of it from nearly the start.
2.  You may select your own level of involvement.  You may choose to sit back and observe how your investment is working as a member with password authorization into the deeper workings of the organization or one who is on the manifest for eventual placement as a colonist in the frontiers that we are building.
3.  You can influence the process by your own inputs and investment of your time and energy.  You will become a member of a team that lives by the theme “Radical Creativity”.

Shown here is the League four man research submarine the DSTII.  This 48' submarine is the only submarine ever built that is designed
to act as a submersible and habitat that will enable our crews to survey and establish the first human undersea colony.
League membership dues help pay for the outfitting of this undersea platform now 75% complete.

We have told you what we are – now let us review what we are not:

We are not a group with any hidden agenda, nor are we affiliated with any religious group or specific denomination.  We are certainly not separatists nor do we have any kind of political agenda whatsoever.  We are nor running away from anything, but instead are running toward the new dominion of man.  Our group was founded by a traditionally underrepresented minority, a Native American, and our corporate entity is a small woman owned business.  Our foundational principles are to guarantee participation by as widely a diverse team as is possible.  We do not make any distinction between any individual based on their ethnic heritage, religion, sex or sexual orientation.  We, by personal experience, know that this guarantee of diversity is a guarantee of our very strength.

In order to get started in all of this, you must first actually become a member of the League.

From there, there are many choices you may wish to take advantage of.  After you become a member of the League, we will direct you to a site that will allow you to sign up for those options which can range from armchair cheerleader to a permanent colonist of the new frontier.

But – first things first!

In order to select any level of involvement, there is a requirement to sign up as a member of the League.

After joining the League you will be automatically directed to a questionnaire page that will fill you in on the various levels of involvement that are available to you.  They are:  become a Member of the League, contributing financially, contribution of equipment, becoming a corporate sponsor, join us in projects, shop in our online store, becoming an expedition’s crewmember, signing up as a permanent colonist in our first colony.

Below you will find a “Join the League” button below which will take you to a secure site for payment of your annual dues:  $25 per individual or $35 for a family.

After all this, you receive the satisfaction that you have become a member of an historic undertaking that in history will be as important as Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong’s first steps into a new world.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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