Joseph M. Bishop, BS., AQ

Joseph M. Bishop, Chief Engineer for the Atlantis Seafloor Project, a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Marine Engineer and graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (1983), Kings Point, New York.  Bishop is a civil marine engineering officer, having served onboard United States Naval Ships, NEPTUNE and NAVASOTA.  Bishop also holds the rank of Lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve.

Lieutenant Bishop has held a long and active interest in diving.  He is a graduate of the Seattle based Divers Institute of Technology where he became certified as a qualified commercial diver in air and mixed gas diving operations.  Bishop is also an avid certified sport diver.

Joseph Bishop, a former U.S. Navy civil nuclear engineer, participated in the repair and overhaul of nuclear submarines at the Charleston Naval Shipyard where he became an expert in the overhaul, repair and modification of deep diving and submerged, pressurized systems.  Bishop earned the certification of nuclear systems test engineer at Charleston under the severe and watchful tutelage of the late Admiral Hyman Rickover's civil nuclear training program.

Bishop was one of the founding members of the League of the New Worlds.  He will act as First Officer and Chief Engineer for Atlantis Mission One, a 365 days on the seafloor.  Joe is a true colonist at heart, indicating he would like to spend a majority of his life living in Aquatica.. 

Records and Firsts:  
- First Engineer of Aquatica