Dennis Chamberland, PhD., AQ

Dennis Chamberland has logged more than 30 days as a working aquanaut on 14 seafloor missions as Mission Commander and Principal Investigator.  He is the designer of six undersea habitats:  the Engineering Research Habitats (ER Series) I and II, the the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station Habitat, the New Worlds Explorer, the Leviathan Habitat and the Challenger Station Habitat.  He has been a certified aquanaut (AQ) since 1993 and a certified open water diver since 1976.

Dennis is a Bioenvironmental Engineer (MS - Oklahoma State University -1983), a former US Naval Officer, a US Navy Civilian Nuclear Engineer, an instructor at the Trident Technical College and a Space Advanced Life Support Systems design engineer.

Dennis has been involved as a design engineer in the development of advanced life support systems being considered for moon and Mars bases. He was named a Fellow of the New York Explorer's Club in 1991 and has spoken at their headquarters about his expeditions.

Mr. Chamberland makes frequent public appearances and gives lectures about many aspects of human exploration from interplanetary probes to the permanent human colonization of the oceans.

As a Native American of the Cherokee Nation, he has a keen interest in what the tribal history of the Cherokees can teach others about reverence for and stewardship of the environment.  Dennis has a special interest in the Trail of Tears as his own recorded history began in this historic time of upheaval.  His great-grandfather was a part of this great drama and  much family history was determined as a result of the unfolding events.

Dennis is also a prolific writer, publishing more than 100 articles in various perodicals, technical journals and reference works.  He has also published eight books including four novels, including the book, UNDERSEA COLONIES.

 - Dennis has been the principal design engineer or acted as an advising engineer on nine undersea habitation projects - more than any other engineer.
- Dennis was the Principal Investigator on the first ever planting from seed and subsequent harvesting of a mature agricultural crop in an undersea habitat.
- Functioned as Mission Commander one one of three totally independent undersea habitat missions conducted simultaneously in three different habits on the seafloor in 1997, becoming the largest such true undersea community.
-  Along with his wife Claudia Chamberland, Dennis and Claudia hold the record for the most acculmulated days working as a married undersea Aquanaut team.
-  Dennis and Claudia along with three of their children comprised the first aquanaut family unit to include children, living and working undersea in 1997.