Brett English

Brett English is a professional artist, working in numerous media and disciplines.  Experienced in graphic design, 3D modeling, traditional illustration, film, web, and game design, he currently is employed at Blue Orb Inc. in Winter Park, Florida, as a Design and Art Lead.  Brett graduated from FullSail with an AS in Computer Animation in 2004, and is currently earning a BA in Graphic Design at UCF alongside his work schedule. 

While his focus and skills lie in the arts, Brett’s interests range far and wide, including history, comics, video games, film, theology, science fiction and science fact.  He has joined the Atlantica Expeditions endeavor to lend his artistic abilities to the pre-production and visualization of the various submersible and habitat designs, and looks forward to seeing the designs brought into reality, and being a part of the ongoing exploration of the world beneath the waves with the Atlantica Expeditions Team.

Brett began swimming at 5 years old and has enjoyed the water ever since, becoming SCUBA certified and participating in various undersea habitat missions from the pre-construction phase through mission support.