Bill Kasper


Bill Kasper is a computer scientist, invesmtent analyst, entrepeneur, and amateur philosopher.  Only his parents call him "William", and only when he is in trouble.  He has lived and worked as a business consultant and software architect in several US states, Australia, New Zealand, England, and Denmark in the communications, energy, and financial industries, but unfortunately always on dry land (although he did live on a tiny island in the Pacific for several years). 

He has been interested in living and working under the sea and in space since he was able to talk.  His saddest childhood memory was watching Capt. Nemo die and the subsequent sinking of the Nautilus.  "That's what you get for surfacing" was all Bill could think, and stayed under water every chance he got from that point forward.

When Bill joined the League of the New Worlds in May, 2008, he began focusing on the economic factors and tasks surrounding the Atlantica Expeditions, and developing the first permanent undersea colony economic philosophy, dubbed "Aquanomics" which he intends to develop into a PhD thesis and a line of greeting cards.  He is not yet SCUABA certified, believing that cultivating his own frustration at his current inability to walk to his home under the sea and arrive dry at 1 atmosphere will enhance his effectiveness in helping facilitate the development of such living spaces.

Bill is 44 years old and can't wait to see what he's going to do when he grows up (in addition to being Aquatica's first Systems Humorist in the Aquanomics Division).