Art Mitchell, MS., AQ

After an early college career that favored economics and political science coursework, Art Mitchell was exposed to the warm tropical ocean in South Florida and this inspired an abrupt change in his enthusiasm.  Recreational SCUBA and marine aquaria maintenance became his new foci, and led to a Master’s Degree in marine ecology (Florida Atlantic University).  

Art then taught for nine years at the high school level (biology, chemistry, marine biology) in the West Palm Beach area, and then moved to the Florida Keys.  Solely through a twist of fate he met Ian Koblick and Chris Olstad and through them became involved with the MarineLab habitat and the Jules’ Undersea Lodge.  

While operating from these residences Art trained and supervised several hundred teachers from around the US in basic SCUBA skills so that they might have the opportunity to experience “living in the sea” and then pass this experience on to their students.  

He also had the opportunity to spend a memorable night with Dennis and Claudia Chamberland in the Scott Carpenter Station.  He am now concluding a 20 year career with the education program at MarineLab.