Tim Novak, BS.

Tim has lived most of his life on the Pacific coast of Canada where he was certified as a recreational SCUBA diver with NAUI. He has always been an avid aquarist and majored in biology with a prime interest in marine biology during high school and first year university. During this time Tim enjoyed further exposure to the oceans while serving in the naval reserve. He switched majors to computer science but continued his interest in marine science as a volunteer diver with the research department of the Vancouver Aquarium and Marine Science Centre.  Tim gained further recreational SCUBA certifications and specialties and presently holds a current PADI Dive Master Certification.  

He and his family earned their aquanaut certifications after spending a day submerged at Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo.  Tim is currently working on the development of a small underwater research habitat with a local post secondary institution where he is also an instructor. Tim holds a private pilot's license and Canadian Power Squadron boating certification.

Tim is also the designer and project director of an undersea habitat called the Underwater Observatory now being constructed at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.


The Novak family was the largest family group ever to certifiy together as aquanauts in July 2007.