Dan Prepares his Kilimanjaro Expedition
Dan Ortolani, BA., AQ.

Dan Ortolani is married, 55 and lives in Irving, Texas. He is an accomplished educator and foundation - development expert who helped found Grenville Christian College in Canada. He is an experienced Dive Master and a member of the Explorers Club of New York. Dan is an avid mountaineer and has led many expeditions and first ascents.

> Cycling: Dan organized and participated in two cycling races: Tour du Canada which started on Vancouver Island and ended at the Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland! 1988 & 1990. 
> Hot Air Ballooning: Dan organized the Great Balloon Rodeo from 1990-1997 including the 1994 North American Hot Air Ballooning Championships. 
> Mountaineering
> 1997 Expedition Inspiration: Dan made the Baffin Island First Ascents as well as the first long distance live satellite transmission. 
> 1997 Baffin Island/Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station collaboration. Dan organized a long distance education link between students in Baffin with aquanaut Dennis Chamberland who was conducting a mission undersea in Florida. 
> 2000 Millennium Kilimanjaro Expedition: Dan organized and led a group of teenagers from around the US and Canada to summit Kilimanjaro on daybreak of the new millennium. Satellite technology was used to communicate images and sound to classrooms across the US and Canada. 
> 2001 Summit For Danny:   Dan organized an expedition to Bylot Island in the Canadian Arctic to raise funds for the Southern California Drug and Alcohol Abuse Center. He made a first accent in honor of Danny! Satellite technology was used to communicate directly with CBS affiliate in Santa Barbara Ca. each evening to provide progress of the climb. 
> First Dive Class started and completed undersea:   In the course of his instruction, Dan and brother Art accomplished a first.  In April 2003, they certified four students who were new to diving by conducting the world’s first all-underwater dive class. 

Conducted first all undersea dive class.