Rick Presley, AQ.

Rick Presley is a native of south Florida.  In 1992, he and three other aquanauts embarked on an undersea mission called “La Chalupa 30," sponsored by the Marine Resources Development Foundation (MRDF) of Key Largo, Florida and NASA.  The aquanauts conducted investigations in an underwater habitat without any direct outside human contact for 30-days, giving the Behavior and Performance Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, the opportunity to study team performance as part of its continuing investigation to identify pertinent psychological issues for long duration space flight.   Following the 30 day experiment, Presley remained underwater for an additional 39 days, seamlessly transitioning between the LaChalupa Mission and a follow up mission.  At the end, Rick broke the world’s record for long duration undersea living as an aquanaut in a habitat which has not been broken or even challenged to this day.

An enterprising entrepreneur, Rick now lives in Texas with his wife Libby and two sons.  Rick will be honoring us with his participation during part of our 80 day Atlantica I mission.