Ralph Buttigieg, AQ

Ralph's professional career has included a couple of decades in government and management, proprietor of a Science Fiction & Fantasy bookshop, a stint in direct marketing and now finds himself in the finance industry. However his main passion has always been science and exploration. Especially the exploration of new frontiers such as Sea and Space. 

As an amateur astronomer he has recorded solar activity, observed a total solar eclipse in Hawaii and studied the planets of our solar system. He had the privilege of serving a term as President of the NSW Branch of the British Astronomical Association. 

As he would like to explore Space in a more direct fashion, he tried to make space development a reality by joining the National Space Society of Australia and became involved in their activities including help with organization of several Space conferences. 

Before the Internet really took of he was the sysop of a bulletin board system, Vulcan's World which specialized in Space, Astronomy and Science Fiction. The BBS was an important information source for the public and amateur researchers. 

Several years ago he heard about the League of the New Worlds and their hands on approach to exploration, both Space and the Undersea. So Ralph enrolled in the League and completed the Astronaut course. He also decided to take up SCUBA diving and become an Aquanaut but at that stage couldn't swim. After learning to swim he archived his PADI Open Water certification. He has dived extensively around Sydney as well as the Great Barrier Reef and Vanuatu. Eventually he was able to visit the Jules Underwater Lodge were he became a PADI qualified Aquanaut.