Sarah Jane Pell, Ph.D.

Underwater Artist, Founder/Director, Aquabatics Australia 2002
Adjunct Lecturer, School of Anatomy & Human Biology, University of Western Australia

The primary function of Dr. Sarah Jane Pell's research praxis is to critique and extend the human condition through the physical and psychological limits of the body and aesthetics of care operations and life support in extreme environments - from underwater, on earth and in outer space. It is her intention to make vital interventions and inventions in the form of design, culture, new media performance and philosophy. Furthermore, Pell considers the wider terms of engagement with what may, or what may become, the spectrum or site in/of/for contemporary performance exploration, particular to the body in future weightless environment training (WET) and digitally real immersive (DRI) space.

On her website, introduces current projects including: ‘Sub Culture' and 'Hydromedusa' among others, to describe the Art-Life-Lab aesthetic which is being designed, or cultivated as a consequence of artist-researchers re-positing living systems into a cultural domain and/or the critical forums of art and science collaboration. Similarly, other examples under development around the globe, notably biotelemetry used in dance, VR gaming, innovative biotechnologies, telepresence and acoustic architectures as new art, suggest that art and science projects – extreme or otherwise - are tempered with a deep respect for our need to be human and, as such, compels diverse communities to consider the world that surrounds us. The stimulus for illumination draws on the knowledge, protocols and technologies of the body and the wider life support system: from health care to the defense and military, information and surveillance systems, the mechanisms of public and private institutions, and the design and technology of living systems in, and of themselves.