Carolina Sarasiti, MA.

Carolina has completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) at the American College of Greece, Athens, and a Masters in Copywriting at the Academy of Communication, Italy. She has studied four languages and is fluent in Greek, German, Italian and English. Carolina has worked for internationally renowned advertising companies and as a freelance copywriter. 

In 2004, Carolina started a mobile e-communications business with her partner, Lloyd Godson. Together they set out to bring innovative and exciting education into the classroom. They did just that with the BioSUB Project (, turning an underwater habitat into a virtual classroom. Carolina was responsible for many aspects of the BioSUB Project including web design and maintenance, marketing, public relations and mission control. As an avid SCUBA diver, she was also a member of the volunteer dive team that worked around the clock to maintain a high degree of safety. 

Carolina and Lloyd hope to continue inspiring the next generation of scientists and adventurers through their exciting educational adventures.