Mark Tohulka, MS., AQ.

Mark Tohulka graduated with a M.S. in Biology in 1992. Mark is a Marine Science teacher at Key Biscayne’s MAST Academy, a high school with a marine sciences and technology-dedicated curriculum. “MAST is a wonderful and demanding place to work,” said Mark. “It is definitely a place where scholarship is valued. ”If Mark’s students are stellar it’s likely he had something to do with it. A recipient of multiple awards for teaching, Mark was named Florida's AP Science/Math Teacher for Florida by Siemens Corporation on April 3, and was even the runner-up for the teacher of the year award in Miami-Dade County.   But Mark’s highest award was as the recipient of the “Oscars” of teacher awards, the coveted Milken Educator Award in 2001.  The award was presented to him by the Florida Commissioner of Education – now Florida Governor, Charlie Christ.  A National Board Certified teacher, Mark is also the recipient of several other honors, including a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching.

Mark is also a dedicated and accomplished diver and Aquanaut and was the primary teacher interface for the Scott Carpenter Space Analog missions in 1997 and 1998.  Mark arranged for student and classroom links between the SCSAS undersea station and classrooms of students all over the world.

A member of the Florida Marine Science Educators Association and the National Marine Educators Association, Mark has helped develop a wide variety of marine-related curriculum in both formal and informal education settings. This has included work as Director of the Scott Carpenter Man in the Sea Program during 1995 and serving as the primary teacher interface for theScott Carpenter Space Analog missions in 1997 and 1998, linking students and teachers from all over the world to the program. Later, he helped develop policy statements with the Organization for Curriculum Exploration and Advancement of Natural Sciences (OCEANS) working group at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, and collaborated on lesson plans for the Aquarius Undersea Habitat.  

Mark also served as a reviewer, contributing author, and consultant for Life on an Ocean Planet, a high school marine science textbook program.  Mark is known for creativity in bringing authentic research experiences to high school students, whether through his ongoing shark research project with the University of Miami, or his work with summer research-oriented programs for underserved minority students.  His experience as a diver and aquanaut promises to do the same for the Atlantica Expeditions.