Gail Villanueva, BS., AQ.

Gail Villanueva was born in England on a British Air Force Base where her father was stationed as a military pilot.  She came to America when she was about 3 and has had the opportunity to live in many areas of our country.  Gail has also had the opportunity to live in Europe, Asia, California, Hawaii and has traveled to many places for both business and pleasure.  The Caribbean remains her favorite.  She moved to Florida in 1979 and now considers herself a naturalized Floridian.  Gail has 2 adult children, Jesseca and Jason, who both reside near her.

Gail is a certified Aquanaut having achieved this accomplishment in October 1998 while working as a Mission Support Diver for the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station during its deployment in Key Largo, Florida.  She also worked as the logistics coordinator and diver for the Sebastian Inlet Sports Fishing Association artificial reef program.  She helped develop the conceptual design and procured the first reef material from the Florida East Coast Railway.

In her spare time, Gail loves traveling, boating, fishing, camping, and, of course, SCUBA diving.  She is an amateur treasure hunter constantly is scouring the ocean floor searching for both historical and modern treasures.  In order to pay the bills, Gail works for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as their Propellants Mobile Equipment Manager.  Gail is responsible for ensuring propellants support for the Shuttle, Expendable Launch Vehicle Programs, and testing for the new Constellation Program.

Gail is happily single and living out her dream on the beach in Cape Canaveral, Florida with her beloved dog, PD.  You will never find her far from the ocean.