Mark E. Ward, BA., AQ

Mark E. Ward is an accomplished writer, event producer and marketing specialist with strong experience in developing and promoting science and technology related projects. Since founding his own consulting firm in 1987, Mark has coordinated dozens of conferences, symposia, trade shows, concerts, meetings and other special events in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Pacific.  

He has executed contracts to create and manage marketing, PR and strategic communications programs for: NASA, NOAA, Canada’s National Capital Commission, The Canadian Tourism Commission, the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, the Center for Minimal Access Surgery at McMaster University, SeaWorld Orlando, The Astronaut Hall of Fame, Spaceflight Marketing Inc. and Oceanology International.

Mark has written scores of magazine articles on science, technology, travel, tourism and adventure subjects for Reader’s Digest Canada, Popular Science, Fun World, Disney Magazine, Hawaiian Style, Underwater Magazine, LeisureWays, Diver Magazine, and others.  He has also written plans for theme park attractions and scripts for videos and numerous live shows.

Mark has pioneered a variety of specialized communications projects, including: 
• Producing a unique upside down underwater ice hockey story for cable TV (1989); 
• Coordinating Canada’s first live underwater TV broadcast (1990); 
• Managing a NASA-sponsored, record-setting 69-day undersea living project (1992); 
• Coordinating a rare sea to space comm. link between astronauts on the Space Shuttle Endeavour and aquanauts in the La Chalupa undersea habitat in Key Largo, FL (1995); 
• Producing several live interactive events linking schools, science centers and conferences with scientists in undersea environments (1995 – 2005).
• Mark was the Chief Contractor Project Coordinator for the Challenge Mission in 1998 featuring the Scott Carpenter Station on the seafloor at Key Largo.  Mark also produced the video for the Carpenter Station program. 

Mark has accomplished over 700 scuba dives and spent more than 40 nights in a variety of underwater habitats.  He is the only person to have spent at least 24 hours in each of the last four operating undersea laboratories (Jules Undersea Lodge, The MarineLab habitat, NASA’s Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station and NOAA’s Aquarius Undersea Laboratory).

In July of 2003 Mark coordinated a diving expedition in the English Channel off the northwest coast of France.  He is the first and only Canadian to dive on the HMCS Athabaskan, a WWII destroyer sunk in the English Channel at a depth of 285 ft.  Of the 254 sailors onboard, 128 were lost, including Mark’s grandfather.  The expedition was the subject of a History Television documentary that aired in Canada in April ‘04. Mark went on to write about the expedition for Diver Magazine and Reader’s Digest Canada and returned to the wrecksite in Sept. ‘05 to coordinate a multi-beam sonar survey, obtaining never before seen details of the wreck.

In early 2003 Mark co-founded a Central Florida holiday festival known as Celebrate Orlando and since produced and hosted more than 40 live shows over the following four years.   In 2006, Mark conceived and produced Orlando’s first Renewable Energy Expo at the University of Central Florida.  

Mark lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife Regina.


-  Mark Ward was the first to dive to the wreck of the Canadian Warship Athabaskan after his team discovered the whereabuts of the lost Canadian ship off the coast of France in 2003.  While diving on the ship, Mark left a plaque there in memory of his grandfather who was lost in the WWII sinking.