'The most surprising book of the new century speaks eloquently of a daring migration to an alien world that has been hidden in plain sight...'

Of all one hundred billion humans who have ever lived, not a single one has gone to live permanently undersea.  While we have had the technology to settle this vast, three dimensional domain for over half a century, it remains empty of outposts, colonies or cities – or even of a single settler.  While its immense territory covers nearly three quarters of the globe, no one has ever gone there to stay.  In this book, Dennis Chamberland traces the history of the aquanaut from the first tentative 24 hour experiment in 1962 until today.  Surprisingly, a careful reading of the record of humankind’s penetration of the oceans reveals misdirected starts, misunderstandings of the human’s capacity to adapt and, eventually, a great abandonment of the quest.  But now, Chamberland unveils a visionary strategy and a fresh, new look at previous challenges that will soon open up the expansive undersea regions called Aquatica.  Here will arrive  21st century pioneers, colonists and families who will become the first Aquaticans in what may yet prove to be the greatest human adventure in all of history.


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