In 2012 the Atlantica Expeditions
will establish the Undersea Colony 
a municipality of the United States of America


We are seeking serious individuals and families to apply to become the first 
human colonists of Aquatica.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a serious solicitation?
Yes.  In a few years our team plans to launch the Challenger Station - the largest undersea habitat ever constructed and deployed in the ocean.  It will form the hub for the first permanent undersea colony that will be populated by individuals who are seeking permanent residence.  Once accepted, these individuals will enter a training cycle and become the first permanent inhabitants of the world's global ocean called Aquatica.

Who can apply?
Anyone who is serious about making this commitment and is a member of LNW.  Applications for colonists are not being accepted from non-members at this time.  But, anyone may join LNW and thereby is eligible to apply!  If you are interested in finding out more about LNW, please click here.

If the volunteers move there, are they prohibited from coming back to shore or changing their minds?
Of course not!  The residents of Aquatica will have the same freedom of movement as any citizen of any other American city.

How much will it cost?
There is an initial application fee ($200 USD) to ensure sincerity and guarantee the integrity of this very involved process.  More information is available on our Colonist Application Page by clicking on the link below, for LNW members only.

Aside from being a LNW member, are there other requirements to apply?
Yes.  A few of the most important ones are:
1.  Sincerity.  The applicant individual or applicant family must be as sincere as is possible which is ascertained by the selection committee through a number of factors included as a part of the application.
2.  The applicant must freely volunteer for a thorough background investigation.
3.  The applicant must freely volunteer for a health screening.
4.  The application must freely volunteer for psychological testing.
5.  The applicant must agree to sign various agreements such as non-disclosure and waiver of liability.

Who decides who is selected and when?
The Board of Directors of LNW has established a screening committee for this purpose.

Are families really encouraged to apply?
Yes.  The first colony will enable family units to live there permanently. 

Where is it going to be located?
Off the east coast of Central Florida in the Gulf Stream. 

How deep will it be?
We are planning for a bottom depth of 150 feet (50 meters).  The colony pressure will be established at 1.6 atmpspheres so that no decompression is required for a return to the surface.

What is the name of the colony itself?

Do applicants have to be US Citizens?
Not at all.  But they must satisfy all the requirements of the US Immigration Service and the Department of Homeland Security and freely disclose to them their intent to move into a United States territory and live and work there permanently.  This does not necessarily require a change of citizenship.

How many people are going to move there?
The first colonists will number two family units of five to six individuals and single technical residents numbering six for a total population of 12 people.  The colony is engineered to easily expand almost indefinitely, so any number of colonist individuals or families may be added as frequently as desired.

Is it dangerous?
Yes and no.  Any new technological and frontier venture certainly has its risks, but statistically it is probably not nearly as dangerous as driving down an interstate highway.

Are you afraid of sharks?

Are you afraid of lawyers?
Yes, very much!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here.

To get to the application itself, please click on the link below.  Remember, it is a password protected page for League Members only.