All logical processes of individuals, groups, corporations or nations are empowered by an economic rationale.  Without this fundamental basis for being, such processes envisioned by individuals, groups, corporations or nations either never come to fruition or they ultimately fail.  An economic rationale is the most elemental assumption of any process in the history of human civilization, particularly in exploration ventures.

As such, the Atlantica Expedition has developed a detailed economic rationale and business plan to which all our preparations and future expectations are fundamentally linked.

The question we are often asked is, “How will you pay for your plan?”

The League has identified several revenue streams, and we have a business plan designed to capture those streams to fund our project. It features full phased protocols of asset procurement, sound project and fiscal management, establishment and maintenance of an income stream, as well as planning for and managing growth.  Our business plan is all that any responsible project could hope for as it has been developed, audited, IRS certified and reviewed by a team of financial experts, including the CEO of a leading bank.

Some of our revenue sources have been discussed in the book, Undersea Colonies, but the wealth available from Aquatica means there is plenty of competition in this arena.  Just like any other responsible business enterprise, we take that competition seriously enough not to share the proprietary details of the Atlantica Expedition business plan. Such confidentiality is obviously the professional norm of any viable and truly successful business process.

We are practical men and women determined to open the undersea frontier. Our team is professional, experienced, lean and focused and acknowledges the unpredictable nature of the future. It will proceed in a step by step fashion, flexible enough to adapt and take advantage of future changes.

The Atlantica Expeditions has assembled a team of 
creative and effective of economic advisors who
has created a world class, detailed business plan.

The Limited View

When the ‘new world’ was settled, the going-in assumption by nearly all funding enterprises was that the new territories were going to immediately repay the investors, either in gold or in spices.  Such was almost never the case, and a majority of those who left to bring back the anticipated riches died in the attempt – either by shipwreck, famine illness, or succumbing to the harsh environment or local inhabitants.  Yet, ultimately, long after the original investors were dead, the promises of the new worlds far outstripped and surpassed the imaginings of even the most enthusiastic investor by many magnitudes, both in actual wealth and in global influence and power. In the end, all of the original economic rationales failed but were replaced by a hard reality that created some of the most powerful empires in history.

Private vs Government Investment

In the 20th and 21st centuries, there has arisen an expectation that government will exclusively bear the burden of exploration, and most individuals have backed away from the quest.  This has resulted in the legislation of a government process that is overwhelming expensive.  It has also led to the false assumption that any frontier R&D will require massive government involvement, and that individuals or groups cannot possibly muster the necessary resources to make such things happen.  This unfortunate process has furthermore led to the false assumption that all frontier R&D must be unlinked to a profit stream or any economic benefit for the participants. Fortunately, the real world experiences of private enterprises such as the Atlantica Expeditions has proven that such research and development can be accomplished with a fraction of the cost and the process is just a fraction of what it would cost a larger enterprise or a government to accomplish. We can also do it in less time with almost no overhead. It is precisely these elements of our project plan that will make us successful.

An Historically Unique Purpose Embedded in a Unique Environment

If there was an environment that was subject to volatile change and constant transformation, it is both the undersea world and the economic world.  Both are subject to far flung influences without notice that may alter the pathway and the plan.  Without a team that can keep up with both these rather uncertain and dynamic environments, there would be little hope of making it all come together as planned.  But we do have such a team – both our engineering and economic teams are uniquely situated to meet these challenges and put it all together safely and with a reasonable expectation that at the same time we are accomplishing an historic first, we are also making it happen in such a way that it will last from generation to generation with engineering robustness linked to a sound financial foundation.



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