WANTED: Launch Crew to assist Permanent Undersea Colony

Vacancies open until August 31, 2011

Join our Launch Crew.  Save the ocean. Achieve immortality. Get a patch. All for only $49.95

Permanent population of Earth’s surface area: ~6,000,000,000

Permanent population beneath Earth’s seas: 

Exactly 0


This insane imbalance is about to change.

For the first time in history, man is about to begin permanently 

colonizing the 70% of the planet whichis completely unoccupied, untapped, and unlimited.

The seas are being colonized.

This is happening. 


You may not have heard about it yet, but you can be part of it today.

Only 1000 people will be given the opportunity to help move humanity out of the bondage of the land to the freedom of the seas.

Future history will remember 1000 names as having the vision and dedication to help permanently free mankind from dry land starting in 2009.

They will be remembered for helping launch Atlantica 1, the first permanent human undersea colony.

Will your name be among them?



Stewardship of the oceans is a biological necessity and a spiritual mandate for mankind. Atlantica 1 will shepherd the sea and its life.

Without careful balance in the oceans, the Earth will die.

Atlantica 1 will watch the ocean and report on its condition on a continuous basis.

Within the oceans are contained all the resources man will ever require, and all the wealth he could ever desire. Atlantica 1 will begin toopen the treasure chest that is the sea, raising the standard of living for all of humanity.  Somebody has to.

The waiting is over. The countdown has begun. The future starts today.

Fulfill your destiny. Join the Atlantica 1 Launch Crew before August 31, 2011 and we'll give you the following:

    A digital copy of "Undersea Colonies", the definitive book on the subject of permanent underwater colonization ($9.95 value).

    Atlantica Mission patch ($10.00 value)

    A copy of OceanDive, the definitive SCUBA experience for your PC ($20.00 value)

    Entry in the drawing for one Atlantica 1 Aquanaut certification experience ($500 value).

    A Launch Crew certificate signed by the Expeditions Leader  suitable for framing (not for sale at any price, available only to Launch Crew members).

    Your name on a permanent undersea monument at the Atlantica 1 site (what price can you place on immortality?)

When was the last time you had the opportunity to alter the future history of mankind for $49.95?

(All credit cards accepted through PayPal)