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I have been impressed with the urgency of doing.
Knowing is not enough;
we must apply. 
Being willing is not enough;
we must do. 
Leonardo da Vinci

There is a whole kingdom that lies uninhabited just beneath us.  While we live crowded and struggling on a mere 59 million square miles of dry land, this new territory of certain promise spreads out before our very eyes and unfolds to encompass an astonishing 138 million cubic miles of habitable space!  I am speaking of the oceans – whose human population is now and has always been - zero.  While there a few military men ply beneath the waves in submarines, they have no seafloor base to call home and they are always moving and temporary visitors without even a window from which to peer out. I am speaking of a human colony – a human undersea city – a permanent dwelling place for people and even families.  Today it is but fantasy, as it has always been.  But no more.  As of today, the dream of permanently settling the undersea regions of our earth has taken wings.This is the site of the Atlantica I and II Expeditions that will establish the first human undersea colony. We do not intent to establish a base or an outpost, but a human colony.  Soon, beneath the sea, families will live and work.  Children will go to school.  A new generation of children will be born there – the first citizens of a new ocean civilization.

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Dennis Chamberland


To make this happen, we have assembled the most remarkable and talented team of aquanaut explorers, scientists and engineers ever gathered in history.  Our team has more certified aquanauts with more logged underwater time than any other ever brought together.  Our team holds an incredible slate of undersea world records in diving, duration and depth.  On our team are habitat designers, submarine systems engineers and world class diving experts.  If there is any team on earth that can make this happen, it is ours.

Like the three prongs of Poseidon’s Trident, we enter the oceans as permanent residents to enable our three linked prime objectives: the carving our of a permanent human niche - so that – we can intelligently monitor and protect the ocean environment – so that – we can teach our children through our educational programs that the oceans of the earth are the essential life blood and must be understood, protected and preserved as a primary human activity. All three of these primary objectives are so linked that they are inseparable. We literally cannot accomplish the one without the other. We do not dare to dominate, we do not dare to intrude, but we set out to witness, to record and find ways to defend, shield and protect. In so doing, to teach the next generation that we are caretakers and protectors – not miners, not owners and not rulers. The age of a new kind of human civilization has dawned.  With the Atlantica Expeditions, the ocean will form the frontier of the aquatic human whose new colonies will seed a new empire of human dominion of the earth. 
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The good thing about opening up a frontier that is many times the size of the relatively tiny land masses is that the need for talent and enthusiasm is limitless.  Whatever you do and whatever your talent  - Aquatica could certianly use your expertise. There are many ways you can become a part of this historic undertaking.

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 Aquanaut Tom Whittaker Working in an Undersea Habitat in 1998
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