We are planning to engage in the historic Atlantica Expeditions for seven very important reasons.  Here they are, in order of significance:

1.  It is our intent to finally open up the world’s undersea regions for permanent human occupation.  Where there is no human presence today, we intend to launch a permanent human colony positioned in the sea.  This colony is designed to expand and to grow.  The colony is also specifically designed to be recreated in other locations, so that mankind can finally permanently inhabit the oceans.2.  Once we are in place, then we can begin to establish permanent, manned environmental monitoring sites to continuously monitor the health and wellbeing of the earth’s most expansive and important ecology.  Our colonies will establish outposts for scientists and their instruments to allow for in situ monitoring of the ocean and her precious creatures of unparallel accuracy, power and intelligence.

The Challenger Station habitat is scheduled for launch on the United States continental shelf in the Gulf Stream.  Here, we will be able to monitor more than 43,000 miles of ocean that will pass us by in the most expansive ocean current system on earth.  By proper positioning, we will be able to place our finger on the pulse of an ocean current that sweeps and covers more than one fourth of the earth.

3.  Almost as important as continuous monitoring of the marine environment is the connection into the classrooms all over the world.  The very design of our habits and our communication systems integrated this feature up front as one of the most important reasons for our being. Without the concern and imagination of our students, the oceans are most certainly doomed.  But, if we can plug into the classrooms and into their hearts, we can engage the genius of tomorrow’s world.  If the oceans have any chance of being saved from destruction, it will be by this generation.  We fully intend to engage them completely with imagination and with cutting edge educational techniques by the very best and brightest in the business.

4.  Following the legacy of  Jacques Cousteau, we are planning to open the eyes of humanity to the undersea world for the first time in history as one of its permanent residents.  This will encourage the preservation of the oceans and its creatures by opening humankind’s eyes to the undersea world as a place where humans live - not a dark and mysterious void into which we blindly dump our garbage.  By placing humans there, it becomes the heritage of all mankind and will no longer be seen as an empty space without definition.

5.  We intend to test and publish innovate engineering and construction techniques that will allow people of a wide spectrum of situations and means to build and launch their own habitats for long term or periodic occupation of the world’s undersea and underwater regions.

6.  We will to test and publish techniques of advanced life support systems that will enable humans to live comfortably and productively for very long periods of time under the sea without resurfacing.

7.  It is our purpose to enable humans to live permanently undersea as family units that expands into productive community units.  We are not an underwater hotel, not a tourist destination and not a scientific outpost.  We are building a human community under the surface of the oceans.



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