Atlantica's Current Population: 10

Community Residence Pods: 6
Family Units: 3
Individuals: 3

     Below is a list of the individuals selected to become the first permanent undersea colonists in the Atlantica Undersea Colony in 2012 and who have agreed to public disclosure.  They were selected by the League of the New Worlds Board of Directors after an application was submitted for permanent residency.    Names are added here in order of Board acceptance and only after all parties have agreed to public disclosure.  (Some individuals prefer privacy.)  More colonists are in the application process and this population will certainly grow before 2012.  (Note:  A "Community Residence Pod" is a structure attached to the colony labyrinth that houses an individual or a family unit.  It may or may not be a distinct, stand alone habitat but all are connected to the main system by interconnected tunnels.)

Dennis and Claudia Chamberland - Family Unit and Colony Governor

Joseph M. Bishop - Individual and Colony Chief Engineer

Chris Olstad - Individual and Colony Chief Aquanaut

Rob Byran - Individual

Lloyd Godson and Carolina Saratisi - Family Unit

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